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Auto Leasing at Leasing Direct NY

  • Leasing Direct NY offers a wide range of the latest vehicles from your favorite manufacturers –Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, and more – at the very best auto leasing rates in the industry. We offer car financing and leasing deals for every budget, for brand-new 2010 model cars with 12,000 miles a year. Leasing Direct NY’s vehicle sales packages make driving a new car more affordable and convenient than ever.
  • Auto leasing is becoming an increasingly popular way to drive the type of vehicle you want. The cost of buying a new car, and the sales tax that goes with it, is spiraling upwards, which makes owning a car out of reach for many consumers. Auto Leasing with Leasing Direct NY allows you to avoid these expenses and enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits of driving a brand-new vehicle at the cost of a low monthly rate.

Why Choose Leasing Direct NY for Vehicle Sales?

  • At Leasing Direct NY, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive rates in the industry. Because we handle a high volume of car financing contracts and have close relationships with a range of leading car dealers, we’re able to keep our leasing rates low and offer our customers a range of flexible auto leasing plans to make it affordable for you to lease a car. We also offer many auto leasing specials at LeasingDirectNY.com.
  • Leasing Direct NY offers an extensive range of brand-new vehicles, of all makes and models, which are equipped with available amenities including powered windows and locks, keyless entry, AM/FM/CD, ABS, and front and side airbags. Whether it’s a Volkswagen Routan or a Toyota Camry, or any other make or model that you require for business or personal car leasing, Leasing Direct NY has a vehicle to suit your needs.
  • At Leasing Direct NY, we know that choosing to lease a car can be a big decision. That’s why our professional team of customer service staff is keen to assist you with your car leasing enquiries, no matter how big or small. You can request a quote by giving us a call at 718-493-0600 or by visiting us online at LeasingDirectNY.com, and the price we quote is the price you’ll pay. No hidden charges, and no hidden fees – that’s our promise to you.
  • Because we know how busy you are, Leasing Direct NY makes car financing efficient and convenient for you. When you sign a contract with us, we’ll deliver the car you ordered straight to your door. When your lease is up, you simply turn your vehicle back to us without the hassle of having to sell a used car.

If you don’t want to commit to owning a car, can’t afford the expense, or you just require a vehicle for a limited period, contact Leasing Direct NY to discuss an auto leasing arrangement that could benefit you. We look forward to assisting you.

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