End of Lease

Preparing to turn in your leased car

Towards the end of your lease, usually 60 days prior to the end your lease, you may receive calls and letters from dealerships and other sources instructing or advising you to contact them or come in to a dealership in order to schedule an appointment for your end of lease inspection and vehicle return. The only people you should be calling to coordinate and schedule your end of lease inspection is the financial institution or bank (the lessor) that you have been receiving your monthly invoices from.

Your leasing company (bank) will usually contact you to let you know your lease contract is coming to an end. They will then contact you to set up a free of charge appointment for an inspection of your car. The inspection can be scheduled at your home or office at a convenient time for you. A lease inspection usually takes 30-45 minutes to complete. We recommend that you schedule your inspection 30-60 days prior to the end of your lease.

Many customers ask if they should repair their car prior to the inspection. Leasing Direct recommend getting the inspection first, at which time you will have a clear and detailed report (items and prices) from the bank specifying what (if anything) needs to be repaired. You will then be able to use this report to obtain a quote from your body shop.
Leasing Direct has teamed up with a group of body shops specializing in end of lease repair work for our customers who are either a returning customer or a new customer. In most cases, these body shop specialists will be able to fix your car at a lower price, meeting the bank’s specifications and requirements. Feel free to contact one of our end of lease specialists who will assist you with the entire lease return process.

When returning your vehicle you will need to bring along all the original equipment, including all books, keys, headphones, accessories, etc.

In summary, these are the steps for the end of lease;

Step 1: Schedule your lease end inspection with your bank/financial institution
Step 2: Forward a copy of your inspection report to your D2D salesman.
Step 3: Leave the heavy lifting to us, and start choosing your next car.

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