About Leasing Direct: Your Go-to Brooklyn, NY, Auto Broker

Looking for an auto broker in Brooklyn? There are many benefits of going with a broker rather than dealing with all the logistics of car leasing yourself. At Leasing Direct, we help customers get the best deal possible and handle all the cumbersome details so that you don’t have to.


Location and car delivery

Leasing Direct is located in Brooklyn, but is happy to service the entire New York area, including Queens and Staten Island. You won’t even have to visit us to be well on your way to leasing in New York City. It’s as simple as submitting your information online, including the type of vehicle you’re looking for, and we’ll start the car leasing process right away. Plus, we’ll deliver your vehicle for free to you to your home or office, as long as you’re in the surrounding area.


Benefits of choosing Leasing Direct vs. a dealership

There are many benefits of choosing a broker, rather than visiting a car dealership. First and foremost, you don’t have to deal with lengthy, tiresome negotiations. We handle that for you, and end up getting you a better price than if you were to lease directly from the dealer. We can provide hassle-free negotiations and no up-selling, plus upfront pricing.

Another big benefit of choosing Leasing Direct is that we provide easy leasing in Brooklyn across many brands instead of just focusing on one brand. This gives you and your family many more options when looking to lease your next SUV or sedan.

And finally, if you’re worried about the additional work you’ll have to do after you lease the vehicle, including registration, visiting the DMV, and other services, we will handle all of that paperwork for you. So again, the benefits of going with Leasing Direct for your next vehicle are:

  • Free car delivery to your home or office
  • Negotiations and paperwork handled by us
  • No up-selling; upfront pricing
  • Registration services handled by us
  • All makes and models

If you’d like to take advantage of these auto broker benefits, call your area auto broker in Queens today at (718) 493-0600 to request a quote or to talk to one of our leasing experts. We’re here to make the leasing process seamless and easy for you, so get in touch today!